Peace can only happen when the right to privacy is equally devided
so everyone is transparant or no one is and not just the working class

The ultimate goal of humanity shouldn't be profit optimisation at the
expense of the exploited, but suffering minimisation of all living beings

Governments and corporations spy on civilians for economic reasons
demanding full transparency, but refuse to be transparent them selves

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Why FinalCrypt ?

   • FinalCrypt uses Unbreakable One-Time Pad Encryption
   • FinalCrypt is totally Free including Free Online Support
   • Installation & Portable Packages for Win, Mac & Linux
   • Frequent tested for Safety at 70 AntiVirus Companies
   • Non-profit OpenSource Human Rights privacy project
   • Unique Automatic Keys with One-Time Pad Encryption
   • Your current encryption probably is AES Encryption
   • Pub key encryption cracked by Quantum Computers
   • Disk Encryption does NOT protect you from Spyware
   • Today's Mass Privacy Violations in the Security News
   • FinalCrypt protects Constitutional & Human Rights §8

Disk Encryption



FIPS140-2 & RFC1750 compliant One Time Pad Keys
Keys are designed to prevent spyware key harvesting
A password prevents stolen keys decrypting your files


The Graphical User Interface supports 75 languages
The Command Line Interface has extending features
Encrypt 4 billion files with unlimited filesize in one go


Guaranteed to be free of malware checked by VirusTotal
FinalCrypt is OpenSource & Creative Commons Licensed
Same day response to user messages and reported bugs

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