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Why FinalCrypt ?

   • FinalCrypt uses Unbreakable One-Time Pad Encryption
   • FinalCrypt is Free for all including Free Online Support
   • Installation & Portable Packages for Win, Mac & Linux
   • Unbreakable File Encryption is ideal for Cloud Storage
   • Unique Automatic Keys with One-Time Pad Encryption
   • Releases tested for Safety at 70 AntiVirus Companies
   • Non-profit OpenSource Human Rights Private Project
   • Virtually all encryption software uses AES Encryption
   • Disk Encryption does NOT protect you from Spyware
   • Pub Key Encryption cracked by Quantum Computers
   • Today's Mass Privacy Violations in the Security News
   • FinalCrypt protects Constitutional & Human Rights §8

Disk Encryption



FIPS140-2 and RFC1750 compliant One Time Pad Keys
Keys are designed to prevent spyware key harvesting
A password prevents stolen keys decrypting your files


The Graphical User Interface supports 75 languages
The Command Line Interface has extending features
Encrypt 4 billion files with unlimited filesize in one go


Guaranteed to be free of malware checked by VirusTotal
FinalCrypt is OpenSource & Creative Commons Licensed
24 Hours Response to user messages and reported bugs

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