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Ron de Jong

I wrote FinalCrypt to block spyware from well known three letter agencies and Big Tech in our computers as free popular browsers and email apps and operating systems that inventory, index and read your personal files even from unlocked encrypted drives. Read the security news to get the tip of the iceberg

Software Developer, Buddhist, Marxist, Human Rights Activist & Autist (that last one came as a bonus)

Zaandijk, The Netherlands


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Happy with basic needs

Nature is all we need

Care for each other


My background

Drilled by society


My name is Ron de Jong, born in 1969 living in Zaandijk, The Netherlands (near Amsterdam). At 13 I started programming Basic on an Atari 600XL. At 15 I dropped out of school when my father died and worked in factories, became a soldier, truck driver, bus cleaner, electrician and what not or was unemployed. In 1998 I finished my Telematics & LAN Management education and worked for nearly 15 years as a UNIX Systems & Software Engineer mainly for ICT, Internet & Telecom companies

After 2008 things went down hill and in 2012 my wife and I lost everything I worked for in life: house, car, boat, furniture, pension and even became shortly homeless. I can't function in bright light, noisy, social and commercial (role play) environments, stress, conflicts with colleagues, staff shortage, high workloads etc. After 2 months we got a flat in a bad neighborhood and now our private life and love relation was falling apart too

Ending up in the ghetto


Autism diagnosis


In 2013 I requested psychiatric help to save my marriage with my Iranian wife. In 2014 I was diagnosed with Autism (Asperger), which explained my social conflicts and being easily sensory overstimulated. After 20 years we still divorced and on medical grounds (autism) I got a nice quiet home in a nice quiet neighborhood and my ex wife and I are now best friends and Iranian people will always have a warm place in my heart!

I wanted to do something back for society, but this time in an autism friendly way from home. With my autistic worldview, school of life & ICT background I decided to become a Human Rights Software Developer protecting people's digital privacy and support fellow autists. I never felt happier having a purpose that matters, feeling appreciated, having friends who think and feel alike not being forced to act like a neuro typical person

Peace, purpose & happy


My awakening

9/11 changed everything


In my career encryption always played a part, but more as something you'd use, assuming that encryption algorithms were as secure as the authorities claimed. Encryption really became interesting to me when I came to realise that Mass Surveillance software was silently and globally implemented starting from the 9/11 attacks and USA President Bush signed The Patriot Act

Popular freeware like browsers and email were rising explosively and file indexing services ran more aggressive and became harder to disable. User desktop activities were monitored triggering file logging to encrypted files by background processes of a closed Google Chrome browser and phoned home to name a few examples

After 9/11




We can’t trust Big Tech, the national security agencies, the military and governments to respect our human rights and privacy. After so many lies standard encryption can't and shouldn't be trusted either. Only One Time Pad Encryption is unbreakable. Governments and industries cooperate and spy on civilians for economic reasons and power

A false sense of security is created as the Side Channel Attack vulnerable AES Encryption mainly as Disk Encryption allows not only you but also spyware to access your decrypted files once you unlock your drive. The only way to prevent file espionage is to constantly block access to all personal files using unbreakable File Encryption, which wasn't publicly available back in 2017. Therefor One Time Pad File Encryption software had to be developed

Disk Encryption
Spyware Unsafe


Why FinalCrypt ?

What is social behavior ?


After my autism diagnosis I tried to understand my social limitation in an attempt to understand what social behavior really is. Reading the book On the origin of the human mind (Primate Evolution) and about Buddhism I came to some interesting conclusions. Social behavior is about group hunting competences. Forge and maintain bonds to work together for efficient survival

We evolved as group hunters, social predators, mastering teamwork, communication, patience, stealth, behavioral observation, planning, deception & attack. These competences allowed us to better survive hunting prey, fight predators, overthrow opponents and enemies bringing us on top of the food chain

Group hunters


Social deception wins


Our behavioral expertise allows us to manipulate and exploit each other by exploiting our fears and desires. Beautifying intentions and roleplay insincere feelings further increases our chances of survival. The more we socially manipulate and force others to work for us the more stock we gain and save energy to survive and the more we will be sexually selected and reproduce

Ancient rulers armered them selves, building armies and (religious) impires, conquering land, disallow free use of natural resources only to be obtained with money earned by labour paying tax, punishing those trying to live of the land evading tax. After centuries of bloodshed, basic needs, amusement and the right to (ignore) protest Repressive Tolerance, was implemented to avert riots and stabilize society to remain in power

Enslaving the masses


Capitalistic enslavement


Capitalists spy on us nowadays by means of mass surveillance to learn about our desires and weaknesses in order to keep us working to buy their unsustainable products filling their pockets polluting the earth by financially influencing our political domains (whom in turn profit from taxation) by limitting our legal rights to live free and independent on natural resources which basically is slavery

The right to privacy should be equally devided, so everyone is transparant or no one is and not just civilians. FinalCrypt is a new weapon in the fight against mass cyber espionage by governments, corporations and others. Also if countries can't spy on each other's strengths and weaknesses then they must respect each other. Suffering minimisation outweighs profit optimization

Ending slavery


What about Terrorism ?

Whose privacy to take


Encryption used by terrorists or child abusers is a horrible thought, but do we ban cars and blame the car manufacturer when a car is used to kill someone ? Do we ban safes when a child abuser is caught using a safe ? Cars, safes and FinalCrypt aren't build to harm others! If FinalCrypt is used to harm others, then the perpetrator should be brought to justice and lawfully forced them to surrender their keys and passwords. FinalCrypt also protects governmental and industrial secrets.

Sometimes governments act as terrorists using military aggression, putting foreign dictators in power that torture their own people for cheap oil contracts, which in turn creates terrorists among innocent victims. Terrorism has many faces. Spy, manipulate and deprive people from natural resources keeping them dependent on unsustainable resources to exploit them for labour and self enrichment is also a form of terrorism

Terrorisms many faces