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Automatic Keys


One-Time Pad encryption is unbreakable, but never became popular because of its difficult key management where every encrypted file needs an equally sized unique One-Time Pad Key File

FinalCrypt's Automatic Keys enabled multi-file OTP Encryption, which is not possible with Manual OTP Key (click & hold) creation for every file to encrypt.

One key encrypting multiple files (key re-usage) breaks the One-Time Pad rule making encrypted files vulnerable to exploits. FinalCrypt is the only OTP Encryption with Automatic Keys.

One-Time Pad Key Demands


One-Time Pad Encryption keys have the following requirements:

1. Key files have to be kept completely secret at all times
2. Key files are at least equal in size to the file it encrypts
3. Keys are created with a True Random Number Generator
4. Key files may only be used once to encrypt a file

The above rules make One-Time Pad encryption unbreakable.

Many Governments worldwide have used and still use One-Time Pad Encryption when maximum secrecy is required.

Key Directory

Your Key Directory is used to automatically create and select your encryption keys during encryption and decryption.

When you start FinalCrypt the first thing you do is select your Key Directory on a detachable external (USB) drive.

Manual key creation & selection is supported but discouraged.


During encryption FinalCrypt automatically creates corresponding Key files in the selected Key Directory.

These new Key files are used to encrypt the selected (correlating) target files once without reusing them again.

Key File = Selected Key Directory + Encrypted File Full Path.


During decryption FinalCrypt automatically selects correlating key files from the selected Key Directory.

Encrypted files become decryptable if key (and password) authentication was successful during scanning.

Correlating key files are automatically deleted after decryption.

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